Update | January : Journey

So far in this Journey January, I've taken a trip to Hawaii and managed not to die via ballistic missile. That's a lifetime worth of excitement for someone boring like me, but it was enough to inspire me to live a little more. Here's an update on where I'm at with my goals and homework. 



☐ Take a trip out of the country

This is a major goal for this year. My passport expired this year without ever being used. How sad is that? 

One very viable option is taking our tiny camper up to Vancouver, BC. It's easily drivable and we can take our puppies with us. 

I'm also keeping an eye out for cheap flights to an international destination by subscribing to Scott's Cheap Flights, an e-newsletter that sends out discount and mistake fares. I get anywhere from 1-5 emails a day for great deals. This is how we ended up finding our flights to Hawaii. I'm seriously considering subscribing to the premium version because the $39 fee could easily be recouped from one flight alone. We'll see. 

☐ Take a trip with my girlfriends

I'm flying out to visit a girlfriend for a surprise weekend, but I'd still like to figure out a way to get together with my besties for a fun trip. 

I would love to plan a bigger trip, but with budgets, schedules, and babies this might be a toughie. 

☐ Spend quality time by camping with my family and four-legged friends

We scheduled out our summer camping trips so I should have plenty of quality time with my hubby and two puppies. 

☐ Visit two National Parks

Not on the books (yet), but I think I'll figure out a way to make this happen! 

☐ Be more adventurous in my everyday life

I bought a new rug that is completely out of my comfort zone and our home hasn't burned down yet. Does this count? 

☐ Not go bankrupt doing all of the above!

I'll focus on this next month! ;-) 



☐ Get passport | need to be prepared in case I find a cheap flight to somewhere fabulous or flee the country

Done! It may have been the afternoon of january 31st, but it happened!

☐ Get travel documents together for the puppies so we can take them along on the adventure

They're vaccinated and ready to go!

☐ Make reservations for summer camping


☐ Get the ball rolling on a girls trip

Working on it!