Book Report | January : Journey


My goals for this month's reading may have been a tad bit lofty. Luckily, I adopted a reading rule a few years ago that if it's not piquing my interest after a few chapters then I can return it to the library guilt free. A few of these books caught my eye quickly, and a few were honestly never opened. 

Books I'd recommend: 

The Geography of Bliss

This was delightful to read on the plane and by the pool. The basic gist of the book is that the author considers himself not to be particularly happy and is going to search the world to find out what makes a place happy.

Well worth a read! 

Travel the World on $50 A Day

I've skimmed this book and it has a lot of helpful tricks on hacking credit cards and airfares to be able to travel cheaper and longer.

Well worth borrowing from your local library. 

Books I'm still reading/skimming:

Books I'm shelving: