January : Journey

Where do I want to go? Literally. 

I am not a naturally adventurous person, but I would like to be. When I first started dating my husband I told him that I would like to take an aerial trapeze class not knowing that he — despite being absolutely terrified of heights — would sign us up for one. For our third date. I panicked, and we ended up not going. I didn't know until later how much he had spent on the class. Luckily, my scaredy-cat ways were not a deal breaker for him.

I'm making traveling and trying new things a big priority this year, so much so that it's the first theme for my year of doing. I would like for this year to be more when instead of maybe someday.

So in that spirit, I've made a list of things I'd like to accomplish this month along with a few books I'm going to read to stoke the flames of wanderlust and adventure. I'd also like to incorporate ways to be more adventurous in my everyday life. Purple faux fur vest, anyone?


☐ Take a trip out of the country
☐ Spend quality time by camping with my family and four-legged friends
☐ Visit two National Parks
☐ Take a trip with my girlfriends
☐ Be more adventurous in my everyday life
☐ Not go bankrupt doing all of the above!


☐ Get passport | need to be prepared in case I find a cheap flight to somewhere fabulous or flee the country
☐ Get travel documents together for the puppies so we can take them along on the adventure
☐ Make reservations for summer camping
☐ Get the ball rolling on a girls trip


These are books that I've requested from my frugal, magical friend, The Public Library, to inspire me on my journeying journey. Some of these books are travel guides, some are just silly, and some tackle more serious topics. 

Full disclosure: I likely won't make it through all, or even half of these books, but I'll try!