Welcome to my Year of Doing

I dreamed up this blog more than two years ago, but procrastinated until yesterday when I told a girlfriend at coffee that this was the year I was going to make it happen. So here I am. With a lot of stuff I want to get done. 2018 is the year I'm going to stop fretting and start doing. That's the plan anyway.

I am a worry wart and anxiety queen. Picking out a new brand of toothpaste can cause an existential crisis and cause me to break into a cold sweat. More than a year ago I painted a bunch of color samples on our master bathroom walls only to decide not to decide, and they're still there.

So my plan over the next year is to work on myself so that I can uncover the person I'm meant to be. I would like to check some things off my to do list and live a little bit more, and make some decisions that makes life easier for those living with me. 

Each month will have a theme and homework assignments that I need to accomplish that month. Some of these items are more serious than others (life insurance vs. learning how to apply makeup), but nevertheless it's something I've wanted to accomplish but have never managed to.

So follow along with me. And if you're a procrastiqueen like me, I hope that you'll create your own year of doing and get things done, too.