February : Finances

How do I make smart decisions now so that my future self and family can have the best lives possible?

When it comes to my spending, I waffle back and forth between being a miser and a lesser known Kardashian. My husband once called me the C-word. No, not that one. Cheap. Yet, I'm spendy AF sometimes. I'm a complicated woman. 

I would like to live a more balanced life. I want to have a hefty savings account and not find myself stressing out about going out to the occasional dinner or panicking when purchasing a new $40 purse. I would like to not binge spend after living like a tightwad for a few months. Is that too much to ask?

Finance Goals

☐ Get six months of expenses in savings
☐ Pay off car
☐ Define my family's financial goals and create a realistic budget supporting them
☐ Do the (side) hustle

Finance Homework

☐ Finish taxes
☐ Create a visual reminder of savings goals
☐ Reward substitution: find ways to change our current environment to positively affect our futures
☐ Review spending and find ways to cut unnecessary items
☐ Get grocery and eating out costs under control
☐ Create a financial mission statement
☐ Find a budget app or program that actually works for us
☐ Start holding weekly family budget meetings
☐ Bring in an additional $422.49* each month through cutting expenses and/or side hustling
* equates to a monthly car payment

Finance Reading List

There are about three million books that I have on my finance reading list. While I likely won't get through them all this month, I'd like to use this as a working list throughout the rest of the year.