Resisting the siren call of Prime Day purchases | Frugal Win Friday

Leading up to Prime Day, I was a little nervous that I was going to have a relapse on my Amazon addiction.

 Photo by  Hello I'm Nik  on  Unsplash

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

We used to get deliveries so often that I was afraid our mailman was going to go on strike. But I'm proud to say that I managed to resist the siren call of crazy deals. Sure, I surfed around the web a bit but I was able to say no to sticking anything in my cart. There was nothing that I needed or wanted enough to buy, and that's a good feeling. 

One thing that's helped a lot with breaking my addiction to ordering stuff is to try to limit ordering to one day a week, for me it's on Wednesday. I stick stuff in my cart all week and then reevaluate on my online ordering day. It's easier to say no when I'm not basking in the glow of a new I-NEED-IT discovery. 

How did you fare on Prime Day?

P.S. We find for us that even though we're no longer doing a ton of shopping on Amazon, it's still worth it to pay for a membership. We have our coffee, dog treats, and a few other items automatically sent to us via Subscribe and Save. We like that we can download shows on our iPads when we go camping or on plane rides. And I also like that I can read a few magazines and download a book each month at no extra cost. We have also been exploring their music app as an alternative to other commercial heavy options.