My 11 Goals | Week 1 of 22

So I wrapped up reading Girl, Wash Your Face. There's a lot of good stuff in the book, but what stuck out to me the most is how often we make and then break promises to ourselves, and how uncool this is. I do this all the time. I promise myself that I'll go to yoga or this, that, or other and then I cancel on myself. 

Whatever standard you've set for yourself is where you'll end up. - Rachel Hollis, Girl, Wash Your Face

In an effort to stop this, I came up with 11 goals that I'd like to work on for the rest of the year and I'll do a weekly update.

1) Get BMI within healthy level

Can I let you in on a secret? I'm completely delusional. When it comes to my weight at least. In my mind, I'm still the size 4 (sometimes 2 after a nasty breakup) that I was at at 25. I am no longer that young and have the eye creases to prove it, and I'm neither of those sizes added together. Now, I love my body most days and I'm learning to appreciate it no matter the size and I'll wear shorts despite my cottage cheese legs because by God I can.

But my body doesn't feel good at its current size and I would like to feel healthy. I'm going to up my water intake and lower my intake of other things, especially sweets. So my goal is to get my weight down so that my BMI is below 25 from my current level of 26.63. 24.99999999 will do. 

2) Close rings 6/7 days

In addition to eating healthier, I need to exercise more often. My watch has a handy dandy activity tracker and I'm going to use it to track how often I mooooove. My goal is to close all three rings (less concerned about the standing ring because I don't always wear my watch 12 hours a day) six days of the week. 

3) Take yoga class three times per week

Yoga is good for my mental and physical health. When I skip out on it for a few days or a week or two, I notice that I become irritable and my muscles feel itchy and want to move. I've been pretty good for the most part at attending regularly twice a week for the past year, but I'd like to up that to three or more times per week. 

4) Write 30 minutes a day

In addition to working on my butt and brain with yoga and staying active, I'd like to stretch my writing muscles. I'm taking a class at the local community center that I love, but I'd like to consistently write more between classes. 

5) Read one book a week

I tend to check out about a million books at time from the library, but I don't always (or often) finish them. I'm also an infrequent attendee at my book club. I'd like to be more consistent with these two things. So my goal is to finish one honest to goodness book per week, or four per month. Luckily, I just wrapped up the book that inspired my goal list. 

I was #57 on the holds list at the library for this book for about a month before I finally broke down and purchased a copy on my Kindle. 

While it was a little religious at times for this heathen, I found the overall message to be real and inspiring. The author worked through the lies that she's told herself throughout her life. We all do this if we get to the point where we can be honest with ourselves. 

What I liked the most is that the author didn't sugarcoat the amount of work that it took her to get to her level of success or her current waist size. She was honest about her struggles, and I found it to be refreshing. 


6) Grow 25 pounds of food

Goal 6 | grow 25 pounds of food

I haven't been keeping track of my veggie garden haul this year so far, but I'm going to guesstimate that I've harvested maybe three or four pounds of mostly mesclun lettuce, some herbs, and a cucumber or two. I'm going to start weighing my veggies and hope to harvest at least 25 pounds between my summer and fall gardens. 

7) Keep house guest ready at all times (no messes!)

Compared to my single days, our home is immaculate most of the time. But it still gets a bit messy and the piles and dirt stresses both of us out. I'd like to do better and have our home be guest ready at all times, or at least most days. Maybe then I'll stop my hermit ways and invite friends over more regularly. 

8) Try out 5 places that I always tell myself I should visit, but then never do

Do you ever have a place that you've always wanted to visit, but never manage to make it happen? I'm talking about the neighborhood museums and random shop down the street with weird hours? I'd like to actually start checking those places out.

#1 on the list: Milwaukie History Museum

9) Send out birthday cards ON TIME

This is really embarrassing, but my brother-in-law's birthday was a month ago. I bought his card ahead of time, but still have it in a drawer in my house. I'd really like to start sending out cards on time. 

10) Get eating out spending to $100 per month (or less)

We've really cut back on our eating out budget, but I think we can take it a little bit further without feeling the pain. $100 a month would equate to eating out four times a month at casual places or a nice dinner or two a month. That seems plenty to me! 

11) Pooper scoop the yard every week

This inspired my goals list. As silly as it might seem, I'd like a nice fresh yard to enjoy at all times. 

Check in next Monday to see how I'm doing!