I'm just not that into you (any more)

It was like a siren calling out to me from my Amazon shopping cart. I needed it. I craved it. I couldn't stop thinking about this... vegetarian cookbook. I had borrowed a copy from the library, dog eared no fewer than 50 pages with post it notes, and had not yet made a single recipe. It was going to change my life and I needed my own right now. 


For two weeks I kept thinking obsessively about this cookbook and how it would upgrade our culinary lives. And then one day, magically, the spell broke. I had waited long enough and it no longer controlled my life. I stopped obsessing. I may buy the book one day, but only when I can find it used for at least half the current price.

Delay! delay! delay! is the name of the game I've been trying to play when it comes to purchasing things lately. A few months ago I made up a rule that I could only order things online on Wednesdays, which worked most weeks and helped me somewhat limit my online shopping. 

As I scroll through my online order history, I cringe. If I had it to do over, I would likely not order nearly 50 percent of these items. Some of the things were clearly ridiculous purchases, like the bread machine I knew I would use all the time even though I had previously owned one and rarely used it. After two failed attempts at making bread, it is now sitting in the attic mocking me. Then there are the items that didn't quite match expectations, like the quote mug and strapless bra that, somewhat humorously, both ended up being slightly smaller than expected but not worth returning. 

How do you prevent yourself from purchasing items that you'll likely later regret?