Frugal Win Friday

This is a seriously tiny win, but I think it's worth typing about. This week, I was able to call and downgrade our can size for our trash removal service, saving us a whopping $9.50 a month! While it will take well over a decade for this cost savings to add up to our mortgage payment, I'm still surprisingly excited about it!

We're trying to plug the tiny leaks in our budget. These are all the small things that seem unimportant and will never break the bank but add up surprisingly quickly. They will sink you — just very, very slowly. The good news is that that once these expenses are identified and eliminated, they're gone forever. 

When you're trying to stay on the right path

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In an effort to find more of these leaks that need plugged and better hone in on our financial goals, my spouse and I are going to participate in Frugalwood's Uber Frugal Month Challenge. Starting on July 1st, I'll receive an email a day with homework and can log in to their Facebook group to commiserate and cheer each other on. It's completely free to participate. Want to join me?

Be sure to sign up by Midnight on July 1st! 

What was your biggest frugal win this week?