Frugal Win Friday

Happy Friyay! Even though it was a short week with the holiday on Monday, I've honestly been a bit thrown off and in a little bit of a funk for the past few days. It happens, you know?

Speaking of funky, my hubby works a dirty job and his clothes often get pretty gross. We don't really want to wash his work shirts with our unmentionables, so I needed to get a separate laundry basket to keep everything in between washes. I was getting ready to head to Target or Home Goods to pick up a hamper when I realized that I could try to find one and fix it up for a lot cheaper! 

I picked up this hamper from Salvation Army for $4 and used leftover spray paint from the garage to make it look a little nicer. This saved us at least $40 and took about 15 minutes of effort, so I'll consider that a win!

Lettuce have a good weekend! 


While I wouldn't necessarily consider our veggie garden frugal just yet — it's an investment to get set up — I plan on picking my first batch of lettuce for a salad tonight! That will hopefully be a sweet treat to end the week.

What are your frugal wins this week?