Focusing on the -ing

Money, oh money. To be perfectly honest, money is a tough topic for me to tackle. I'm a private person and it feels very personal to share my feelings on the almighty dollar.

But you can't pay your mortgage with hopes and dreams, so I'm going to push forward with the -ing and hope that you'll agree that motion begets motion so I need to get moving on with my writing instead of wallowing. 

Money doesn't give me meaning, but I've certainly used it unsucessfully at times to try to find it.

Being responsible with our family's finances means that we can focus on the things that are most important to us. If we can fine tune and cut out the things that don't matter, then we can focus on the things that do without blinking an eye. Having fewer bills and more in savings would allow us to stress a lot less. I'm far from a minimalist, but the thought of having a home filled with less junk sounds like a dream.

One thing that I certainly believe is that my purpose in life is not just to make or spend or save money. The rest I'm still figuring out.