Week 8 of 52: My 19 for 2019

Pretty well sums up this week. Week 8 of 52: My 19 for 2019

This was a hysterically odd week, to the point that when I just think about all that happened and find myself in a fit of giggles. I plan to tell you all about it once I’ve had a little more time to process and can get through typing a post without cackling like a hyena, but in the meantime let’s all just reflect on what a weird and wonderful world we all live in.


Healthy habits

What happens when you give up and decide to take the easy path? Well, if that easy path leads you down the aisles of Trader Joe’s you might be pleasantly surprised to find that you actually eat healthier when you stop trying so darn hard. I knew that this week was going to be a little wacko so I made a trip to TJ’s to stock up on some frozen foods and ended up buying a bunch of veggies while I was at it. I stocked up on two bags of salad and a kale and cabbage topper, and shocker: since it required virtually no work to prep we ended up eating a lot more vegetables this week. So consider this my official permission to take the easy route and head on down to Trader Joe’s. This is not a sponsored post, but if anyone from TJ’s corporate is reading my humble blog: call me!

If you’re not a big fan of salads then I’d like to humbly introduce you to the roasted veggie salad. I didn’t manage to capture any photos because your girl was hungry, but I promise to do so next time. To make this delicious and easy dinner, heat your oven to 400 degrees. Put a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Chop an onion (large pieces), carrots (medium), bell peppers (large), sweet potatoes (small), cherry tomatoes (whole), or whatever veggies you have on hand. Mix in a bowl with oil, salt and pepper, chili powder, paprika, and this shallot powder (it’s magic!). Pour mixture on the cookie sheet and spread out and roast in the oven for 15 minutes. Stir and then bake 10 more minutes. I then added a pound of defrosted shrimp sprinkled with the spice combo listed above and baked for 10 more minutes (or until the shrimp is cooked through). Put mixed greens in a salad bowl and then top with the roasted veggies and shrimp. I dressed mine with guacamole because there isn’t anything I won’t put avocado on, but oil and lime or lemon juice plus a few more shakes of the spices is pretty darn good too.

Reading and puppy cuddles. What more can you ask for? Week 8 of 52: My 19 for 2019


Read 25 books

Can we all agree that #44 is looking good these days? Did they give him a dad make under before he ran for office or did he get a glow up as soon as he left? I just imagine he’s out there living his best life with How Do You Like Me Now as his ringtone. I am now officially hold #413 at the library on Becoming, his #1 book pick from last year so I decided to explore a few others that he recommended. Florida, by Lauren Groff, was the first one to show up at the library and from the second I opened it up, I was floored. My god, this woman can write!

Florida is a collection of literary fiction short stories about people from or living in Florida. The first one made me realize how little I notice about the world and inspired me to spend a good portion of my morning pages just focusing on the sounds and colors and things happening around my house. I will admit that I did skip one short story because it was starting to feel long, but I was particularly tired at the moment and I’m willing to revisit it before I drop it back off at the library.

This week of weirdness also put me a week behind on The Artist’s Way. I decided to redo the week instead of half heartedly hurrying to finish it up just to move on to week three. I’m in no rush and my goal to become a better writer is much stronger than my desire to add book #2 to my finished book list.

I’m also still working on Better Than Before.

Books I’ve read so far this year: Rock Needs River


Dog barking

These pests! All week long they were little angels when I walked in the door and I told myself that I was going to film them to show off how much progress that we had made… and then I walked in the door and they both went crazy! Just bark bark city. They were not ready for their close up.

So we’ll try that again next week!

Day date to Silverton, Oregon Week 8 of 52: My 19 for 2019


monthly date

It was sunny out last weekend so we went out on a little drive and found ourselves in Silverton, Oregon. Have you been there? It’s a cute little town. We spent a half hour strolling through a big antique shop before walking all over downtown. They have historical murals painted all over the buildings, and of course I had to stop to read each one and the plaques posted nearly every where.

My original goal with #4 was to go on a dress up date each month, but these little jaunts are a little more my style. Besides, I’d take a drive with no destination multiple times a month over a fancy event every once in a while.



Just going to leave my Wall of Shame photo up here until I finally get motivated enough to do something about it!

Just going to leave my Wall of Shame photo up here until I finally get motivated enough to do something about it!

Not much to report:


(for now) project


Write more


Be more social


Instagram more


Automate bill payments


Go on 10 camping


Girls’ trip


Home cleaning routine

Plant update Week 8 of 52: My 19 for 2019


Plant a garden

My little plant babies are growing beautifully! I’ve got tomatoes, lettuces, kale, zucchini, and cucumbers popping up. It’s pretty exciting to see all of this green popping up on these cold, gray days.

I picked up a few newspapers to make more pots. I want to start some decorative grasses for the backyard, marigolds to plant with the tomatoes, beets, and a few more rounds of lettuces and kale.

Not much to report:


fashion makeover


12 craft projects


Organize cabinets & closets


spend less time
on my phone


Launch FOLL website

We’re getting close to launching the website! This has been a very fun and rewarding project for me. I love the public library and to be able to help an organization that raises money and organizes volunteers to make it an even better place feels like the perfect thing for me to do. I can’t wait to share it with you in a next few weeks!

What are you working toward in 2019?

I’d love to hear about your goals in the comments