Week 7 of 52: My 19 for 2019



Healthy habits

How do you eat fruit snacks? I start with my least favorites, the orange and yellow ones, then work my way to the pinks and then on to the grapes, which are the very best ones in my opinion. This was a very wonderful week, but not a particularly healthy one if the photo above is any indication. I stuck with my big glass of water before coffee rule again, and I feel nearly confident enough now to declare this a habit.

I went to another water aerobics class this week! I have never been someone who enjoys exercising. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a runner’s high. The elliptical elicits dread. But this! This is fun. And I feel a lot more confident after buying a bathing suit that fits my body now instead of the aspirational one that I ordered a while back.


Read 25 books

We’ve watched a few romcoms before bed this week instead of the usual Family Guy/American Dad genre that Mr. B likes (and I don’t), so I haven’t done as much bedtime reading. I’m still working on Better Than Before and juggling a few others.

I’m still reading The Artist’s Way and will continue to do so over the next 12 weeks as I complete a week by week program.

Books I’ve read so far this year: Rock Needs River

These cuties are barking less and that's very nice


Dog barking

It’s still going well with the bark less plan! The dogs are doing great most of the time, Thor especially, with not barking as we come and go as long as we’re Johnny-on-the-spot with the treats. Barkley is more likely to get excited and I haven’t quite gotten organized enough to remember to keep a ball by the front door all of the time. I haven’t started zeroing in yet on getting them to stop barking when the mailman comes or the neighbor’s cat is hanging out in her catio. That’s next, I suppose but I’m going to celebrate the victory of quiet-ish welcomes from these cuties!



monthly date

We went to Powell’s last week, where I could spend an entire day. Somehow, I managed to get out of there without spending any money although I did pick up and put down the same book four times. Thrilling for my husband, I’m sure.

We had lunch at Avid Cider after, and we’ll definitely be back. The pizza and cider were delicious and the service was great. What more can you ask for?



Just going to leave my Wall of Shame photo up here until I finally get motivated enough to do something about it!

Just going to leave my Wall of Shame photo up here until I finally get motivated enough to do something about it!

Not much to report:


(for now) project


Be more social




Write more

Holy Moses, guys. This week I’ve been writing up a storm. Mostly, it’s because I’ve been doing the 12 week program from The Writer’s Way. I’m not going to pretend that the writing has been good — all I know is that there’s been a lot of it.

Throughout the program, you do three pages of handwritten stream of consciousness writing each morning — called morning pages — plus a few assignments each week. The first few days of the morning pages were a struggle. My hands were cramping up and I couldn’t think of anything to write, so I’d just whine about how my hands were cramping up and that I was really annoyed to be writing three pages of absolute crud each day. What a waste of time!

On day four or so, I started enjoying the writing a little bit more and my hands stopped cramping up so darn much. I also bought a new notebook and a pen, which are clearly necessary for motivation.

Not much to report:


Automate bill payments


Go on 10 camping


Girls’ trip


Home cleaning routine

Plant a garden | Week 7 of 52: My 19 for 2019 Updates


Plant a garden

They’re sprouting! I’ve got lots of little tomato, kale, and lettuce babies poking out from the brown dirt. I go check on them just about every day and it puts me in a surprisingly good mood. They feel like a warm smile and a kind reminder that spring is on the way on these cold and rainy days. I’m just hoping that these newspaper pots hold up until it’s time to stick them in the ground!

Not much to report:


fashion makeover


12 craft projects


Launch FOLL website


spend less time
on my phone

Getting organized! Week 7 of 52: My 19 for 2019


Organize cabinets & closets

Give me a trip to the Dollar Tree and some time with a label maker and I’m a happy girl!

I haven’t made much progress on this front, but I did go through a basket full of medicine under the sink and put it in labeled containers. I discovered that one or two of our OTC medications expired in 2016… so that made me really feel like I have my life together.

What are you working toward in 2019?

I’d love to hear about your goals in the comments