Week 6 of 52: My 19 for 2019

Snowy day

It was a tiny bit chilly here this past week. Nowhere near the polar vortex level of cold the rest of the country recently experienced, but nippy enough that Sally the Civic’s battery finally gave up the ghost on what I had planned on being a very productive day. That threw me for a loop this week, but I think I’m finally back on track.


Healthy habits

I’m going to focus on the positive this week! I drank a big glass of water every single morning before I enjoyed a cup of coffee. I made it to a lovely yoga class that was exactly what my mind and body needed. I made two delicious dinners that were chock full of healthy vegetables and the rest of the week I managed to eat a few green things and not too much chocolate.

Currently reading The Artist's Way, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, and Better Than Before. Photos from Good Reads.gif


Read 25 books

I’m going to start with the ugly and then head over to the good. I’m struggling through The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. It’s for my book club, and it’s a doozy. I’m hoping that if I can give it a few more chapters that maybe I’ll get hooked. We talked a lot about the concepts in this book when I took a few digital communications classes at the community college a few years ago so I know that it should be interesting, but I just can’t get interested.

Better Than Before is by the author Gretchen Rubin, who is half of my inspiration for starting my 19 for 2019 list. I read her book The Four Tendencies a few months ago and adored it, so I’ve requested the rest of her books from the library. I’m only a chapter or two into this one and I like it so far!

Next up is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I borrowed this from the library a year or two ago, and returned it without even cracking it open. This book is supposed to be life altering and is actually a 12 week program to unlocking your creativity. I’m on week one, so this will be on my reading list for a while. Wish me luck!

Books I’ve read so far this year: Rock Needs River

Thor giving me the look

Thor giving me the look


Dog barking

Coming home to the dogs has been at least 70% less stressful since implementing Sasha’s bark less plan. Thor is doing really well with the treats for a quiet greeting arrangement because he loves food. I can hear him losing his mind barking as I walk up the sidewalk, but by the time I make it inside the door he’s as quiet as a church mouse and is ready for his reward. I use these treats because they’re tiny and I can give them three or four in the first minute of being home instead of a single big treat, which tends to lead to lead to loud noises. Barkley is less food motivated, so I’m experimenting with keeping a tennis ball with the treats and throwing it to get him playing and distracted.


monthly date

Ok, so we’re not dressy people. I’m officially updating #4 on my 19 for 2019 list to going on a date, any date, that’s not a Saturday lunch at our favorite sushi or Thai place.

Last week, we ended up taking a road trip to the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center. We had the place to ourselves and ended up spending a little more than an hour looking through the exhibits. I love museums and galleries, so this was especially fun for me and is something that I really miss from my time living in DC. I take my time and tend to look at everything and read all of the little signs and do the activities, and my husband is wonderfully patient and just waits for me at the exit.



Another week of staring at the paint samples on the wall! Despite being super high up on my list, it’s not really a priority at the moment. I’ll probably tackle making over our master bathroom in the fall.


(for now) project

I’m finally making some headway on this project! It’s just a tiny bit, but the progress feels good even if it will be a long time before I have anything to share. This is something that I’ve dreamed about for a long time, and I’m finally putting in the time and effort into making this a reality.


Write more

I’ve been writing up a storm this week! I have to hand write three pages doing a stream of consciousness exercise each morning for The Artist’s Way, and starting this week I’ll need to do a few additional writing exercises on top of other writing projects that I’m working on and my weekly writing class. It feels good to work out my brain!


Be more social

I met my girlfriends for some coffee and had lunch with sister and her family.

It was a great week!



Not much to report:


Automate bill payments


Go on 10 camping


Girls’ trip


Home cleaning routine

Plant starts


Plant a garden

It’s not much to look at now, but this right here is hopefully the start of a beautiful and bountiful garden! I made newspaper pots last week and started seeds over the weekend. These plant labels were made from nearly dried out years old Sculpey, so that was a thrilling and inexpensive DIY win!

Not much to report:


fashion makeover


12 craft projects


Launch FOLL website


Organize cabinets & closets


spend less time
on my phone

What are you working toward in 2019?

I’d love to hear about your goals in the comments