Week 1 of 52: My 19 for 2019

I don’t usually make New Years Resolutions, but this year I was inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s 18 for 2018 and one of my fave bloggers Mavis Butterfield’s weekly goals updates, so I’m going to try this out. Some of these items are long term, some are short term and could be completed in a weekend, and a few of them may not be finished at all. And that’s ok! This is just what I’m striving toward this year.

1: Focus on healthy daily habits: yoga, water, fruits and veggies, and activity

We were on the road much of this past week and I didn’t get in as many veggies and good things that I’d like, and I can feel it. Next week is a chance to make myself proud and do the things that make my body and mind feel good. I’ve signed up for three yoga classes and we’re getting a Sun Basket delivery on Monday so we can get back on a good path before I get back to grocery shopping and our normal routine.

Update: After two boxes of Sun Basket, we decided to cancel as it wasn’t a good flavor fit for us.

2: Read 25 books

I took half a dozen books on our trip, but only managed to read two magazines and flip through the pictures and skim a few paragraphs of Adventure Roads of Oregon. It is a library book, but I think we’ll end up purchasing it because it’s filled with great information for dry camping and adventuring in Oregon, plus the photos are incredible. While on the road, I downloaded Body Love based on Rachel Hollis’s suggestion — the Kindle version is only $1.99 right now.

3: Get dog barking and door behavior under control

I emailed a trainer that has good reviews on Yelp before we left. I heard back from his office staff and I need to do a little more research before I go ahead and book a session. If it works, it will be well worth the money but it’s not cheap.

4: Get dressed up once a month and go on a date (with my husband)

We’re thinking about going to a show next month, but still brainstorming for January. I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

5: Makeover master bathroom

Still staring at those paint samples on the wall…

Still staring at those paint samples on the wall…

6: Secret (for now) project

Still secret.

7: Write! Write! Write!

I signed up for my writing class and I’m excited to start it this week!

8: Be more social

I chitchatted with a bunch of strangers while on our camping trip so I’m going to consider that social enough for this past week!

9: Post regularly on Instagram

No posts this week.

10: Automate bill payments

Still doing this the hard way.

11: Go on 10 camping trips

We’ve already knocked out our first trip! I’ll post soon about our trip to Northern California.

12: Plant a garden and grow 125 pounds of produce

I’m excited to get my garden started! I’ll be starting seeds in a few weeks based on this handy calendar.

13: Go on girls’ trip to the hot springs

No trip planned yet.

14: Perfect home cleaning routine

This was an easy one for this week! We were out of town for the week and we had cleaned the house before we left.

My friend Kelly had this great advice: “I’m sure you already use a dry swiffer but if not, that’s incredible for a quick dog hair sweep. And I use those pamphlets from the housekeeping services in the mail to eyeball what “they” are supposed to do on a rotating schedule to see what I could do.”

My husband suggested that we try using a zone system in our house to see if it would help us keep things cleaner and more evenly split, so we’re going to give it a go. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

15: Fashion makeover

This week of camping didn’t exactly lead to any fashun moments for me. Sticking this travel pic from JLD here as inspo for a practical and put together look for while on the road.

16: Complete 12 craft projects

0 down, 12 to go!

17: Launch FOLL website and create email template

We picked out a template for the website and I’m going to start working on it in this week. I’m so excited!

18: Clean out and organize cabinets and closets (and keep them that way)

Scared to even open the doors. Time to watch the Marie Kondo show for inspo?

19: Spend less time on my phone

Oh holy geezearoni, I just took a peek at my phone usage for the past week while I was riding shotgun on the road. It’s scary!

What are you working toward in 2019?

I’d love to hear about your goals in the comments!