Frugal foodie

In my ideal food fantasy world, every meal that my husband and I consume would be homemade, nutritious and plated beautifully. But after I make it home with a trunk full of (some) organic goodies from Costco, reality sets in. I'm too exhausted from shopping to make food.

So then we order Thai food and $40 magically goes down the drain on top of the ungodly amount of money we just spent on spoiling-by-the-moment produce. Please tell me that I'm not the only person with this problem!

One food that we've found to be a lifesaver in moments like these is the Kirkland's brand of frozen pizzas. I believe that they're four for $9.99, making them just under $2.50 apiece. I usually pick up a box or two every month. 

Costco Pizza
Fancy Costco Pizza

While they're good (and cheap!) on their own, they really shine as a base pizza. For a tasty treat, I like to load them up with whatever veggies and cheeses that we have hanging out in our fridge and freezer. This one was topped with spinach, red onion, kalamata olives (from Costco!), frozen bell peppers, and goat cheese. 

Just because it comes from a box doesn't mean that you can't add a little pizazz! With the base pizza cost at $2.50 and maybe $1-$2 worth of topping add ons, you're still coming in under the cost of other store brand pizzas when they're on sale!