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This blog is my passion project. Writing stopped being fun after having a particularly redline loving boss. For years, I've felt self-conscious about writing in my own voice and sharing my stories because I worried that they wouldn't be good enough. My grammar is imperfect. Sometimes I lack focus. What value do I have to add?

A few months ago, I started taking a writing class at the local community center. I was at least half of the age of many of my classmates, but they were kind and encouraging. Even so, the first class or two I was too self-conscious to share my writing aloud. Finally, I got brave enough and hearing their laughter as I read my writing prompt was enough to get me hooked.

So here I am. 

I'm an expert procrastinator and wannabe Martha Stewart. My husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest with our two adorable and very spunky dogs. While we're mostly homebodies, we also enjoy camping and we're currently renovating a vintage camper to take on our adventures. I am a pretty good cook and occasional crafter. 

Six random things about me:


I am a reluctant yogi.

I have never been into sports or terribly active. But last year when I was struggling with depression, my therapist told me to go to yoga. I had taken classes before and liked them, but it wasn’t really my thing. That was, until a new studio opened up in our town. I found a few yoga teachers that I love who offer classes that work for me, and since then I’ve been pretty good about regularly going to yoga. I may fall of the wagon occasionally, but always end up going back because of how much better both my mind and body feel after a class.

I love the library. 

I'm also really good at racking up late fees. Womp womp. As a kid, the librarian in my little hometown had my card number memorized and we would often hear her sweet voice on our answering machine reminding me that books were overdue. I’m much better about returning books on time now, but still occasionally rack up fees. Luckily, my local public library offers cans for books a few times a year where you can donate a food item for each dollar that you owe. So I’m really being a philanthropist! :-) 


I can’t sleep if the closet door or dresser drawers are open.

If my hubby’s the last one up and I haven’t completed my evening ritual of closing everything, he gets to be the one to hear multiple times “can you please close that?” Lucky guy! Not sure if this is a holdover from monsters in the closet from childhood or if the clutter in there disturbs my dream. ;-) Either way, close the door!

I never make the same dish twice.

This is much to my husband’s chagrin. I’m a pretty decent cook, but no matter how hard I try and how closely I follow a recipe, I never manage to make a dish the same way. Sometimes I’m just throwing things in a pot, not paying close attention to amounts or for how long, and magic happens. My husband will ask me to make the dish again and it tastes… not the same. It’s just my way of always leaving people guessing, I guess. 


I am a reformed plant murderer.

For years, nothing green managed to survive and thrive in my hands. When I was in college, I kept an African Violet alive an entire school year. I was so thrilled and proud of myself. Then I packed up my bags and headed home for the summer… and accidentally left the plant in my sorority house window. I decided it was not worth the six hour roundtrip to try to rescue it and it was nowhere to be found when I arrived back in the fall. I killed the first few gardens that we had at our house. We had nary a tomato or cucumber, and my house plants looked like they were on death row. One day, bless him, my husband suggested that perhaps I should set a reminder on my phone to water the plants. I scoffed at him, but then secretly did it and now our house plants are thriving and we’ve had enough lettuce for several salads and the tomatoes plants are looking pretty good. 


I am really good at buying arts and crafts supplies.

But really bad at actually completing the projects themselves. If you walked into my crafting space, you would probably think I’m a regular Martha Stewart based on my stash. The ladies at Joann Fabric practically know me by name! While I mean well, I often get super excited about a project and run out and buy everything I need. Then I get distracted by Real Housewives or I need to make dinner and then a year later, I realize that I never made that wooden no soliciting sign that WE NEEDED RIGHT THIS MINUTE for our front door. Anybody else feel me?

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